Key Skills Covered

The points covered below will be explained in a simple non-technical manner to allow you to use your camera effectively and create impressive nude images.

  • Basic camera use and settings.
  • Evaluating light and levels.
  • Planning and evaluating locations.
  • Working with & introduction to model.
  • Metering and balancing lighting.
  • Advanced camera settings and focusing.
  • Use of reflectors & fill lighting.
  • Test shot and evaluation.
  • Composition & framing.
  • Posing and using props.
  • Black & White vs colour.
  • Colour white balance
  • Advanced metering and camera settings.
  • Working with model natural light.
  • Seeing the light
  • Controlling exposure and evaluating results…
  • Back lighting and balancing.
  • Flash basics & settings including triggers.
  • Using studio lighting basics.
  • Lighting modifiers
  • Flash fill and balancing back lighting fill.
  • Working with model studio flash light.
  • Seeing the light
  • Controlling Exposure and evaluating results…
  • Camera flash & off camera use.

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