Lighting the Nude - Weekend Workshop

Key Skills Covered

The points covered below will be explained in a simple non-technical manner to allow you to use your camera effectively and create impressive nude images.

  • Basic camera use and settings.
  • Evaluating light and levels.
  • Planning and evaluating locations.
  • Working with & introduction to model.
  • Metering and balancing lighting.
  • Advanced camera settings and focusing.
  • Use of reflectors & fill lighting.
  • Test shot and evaluation.
  • Composition & framing.
  • Posing and using props.
  • Black & White vs colour.
  • Colour white balance
  • Advanced metering and camera settings.
  • Working with model natural light.
  • Seeing the light
  • Controlling exposure and evaluating results…
  • Back lighting and balancing.
  • Flash basics & settings including triggers.
  • Using studio lighting basics.
  • Lighting modifiers
  • Flash fill and balancing back lighting fill.
  • Working with model studio flash light.
  • Seeing the light
  • Controlling Exposure and evaluating results…
  • Camera flash & off camera use.


Please email for dates of next planned workshop.

Booking & payment

To confirm your place a deposit of just £150 with final payment one month before the workshop.

Payment can be made and includes bank transfer, credit and debit card.

Just mail to confirm availability before arranging payment.

More Information

If you have a questions just mail or call me for an informal chat even if you’re unsure if the workshop is suitable for you.

Feedback from Photographers

"I did my first portrait and lighting course with Paul yesterday - a more generous and accommodating host would be difficult (let's be frank - impossible) to find. Really patient with my dumb questions and under whose direction I got some shots I never thought I'd be capable of - and now I see them for the newbie shots they are - really excited to develop further and will most certainly be returning! It sounds a superlative but I cannot recommend highly enough."Joe B

"I have learnt a great deal and has inspired me to become a better photographer in general thus giving me a boost into studio photography. Paul is a great tutor who is friendly and knowledgeable. Treats you with respect and does not spoon feed you with information, instead helps you to find out information and results as you progress through the course. Highly recommended and will be the first of many visits to his studio."Simon

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course the other evening, Ella was charming and I got out of the course everything I had hoped. From a pleasant and enjoyable experience point of view I cannot make any suggestions to improve it. You hit the nail on the head with my expectations, but with others you may like to ask them to give you their expectations on a mail before they arrive and then you can modify to suit.

The course easily catered for me as a studio beginner. Nothing was taken for granted, without teaching me how to suck eggs! The model Paul had chosen, Ella, was the most patient person on earth and kept smiling throughout the shoot. At the end of my time I left with a lot of excellent photos and a confidence to carry on with this type of photography."Gary